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10th Jan 2022

Outspoken: Saving Democracy and the World, A Woman's Work Is Never Done. Guest: Dr. Regina Lark

Dr. Regina Lark is the co-author of Emotional Labor: Why A Woman's Work Is Never Done and What To Do About It. On this edition of Outspoken, she talks with Joy Silver about the radically overlooked gender burden that women cary, and what stands in the way of gender parity. The long, slow progress of women in all classes, cultures, and ethnicities is further complicated by this issue, and is hindering the advancement of humanity and Dr. Lark helps us understand why.

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Community organizer, activist and past-candidate for public office Joy Silver is concerned about the erosion of Democracy in America. She's got a voice and she's determined to use it for good. Each week, she talks with people on the front lines fighting for equality, justice and the American Way. She also has practical calls to action for you and all who care about ending injustices.

Outspoken is presented through the generous support of official sponsor My Little Flower Shop in Palm Springs, CA.

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