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8th Mar 2023

Outspoken | Guest: Savannah Worley | Topic: Want To Know How Extremism Grows?

On this episode of Outspoken with Joy Silver, guest Savannah Worley talks about the KKK’s history in the state of Indiana. Savannah is a writer on Medium, an ex-journalist, and was born in Indiana. She writes mainly about racism and mental health, and how the extremists want to obliterate learning the true history of the United States.

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Community organizer, activist and past-candidate for public office Joy Silver is concerned about the erosion of Democracy in America. She's got a voice and she's determined to use it for good. Each week, she talks with people on the front lines fighting for equality, justice and the American Way. She also has practical calls to action for you and all who care about ending injustices.

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