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19th Jul 2022

Outspoken. Guest: Paul Angulo. Topic: RivCo Auditor's Race Pits Transparency Vs. $Billions Abuse

On this episode of Outspoken, host Joy Silver’s attention is on the Riverside County Auditor-Controller race to be decided on November 8. Incumbent Paul Angulo has served for 12 years managing tens of billions of dollars in assets and an annual $7 Billion budget. He is being challenged this year by relative newcomer Ben Benoit, mayor of Wildomar and son of a former state legislator and county supervisor who worked in law enforcement.

Angulo points out on this podcast that Benoit does not hold the minimum statutory requirements for the office (C.P.A. or 4-Year Degree) and says his opponent's broad support comes from county officials including the controversial Sheriff Chad Bianco, a former member of the White Supremacist Oath Keepers organization, who among others refuses to cooperate with legally-mandated audits to be performed by Angulo's office. As you'll hear in this conversation with Joy, he asserts Bianco's refusal to cooperate with they county's system of checks-and-balances makes the agency a "private militia."

Visit Angulo's website at www.PaulAngulo.com.

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