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10th Jan 2023

Outspoken | Guest: Jessica Pishko | Topic: Sheriffs Gone Wild

Since 2018, journalist and lawyer Jessica Pishko has focused extensively on the growing threat to democracy by Sheriffs around the United States who've become increasingly aligned with white supremacy ideology and organizations and supporting authoritarianism in government. She returns to discuss the topic at greater length with Joy Silver on this episode of Outspoken. Learn about the 1878 law, the Posse Comitatus Act, and how it has empowered elected law enforcement agents to become Sheriffs Gone Wild.

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Community organizer, activist and past-candidate for public office Joy Silver is concerned about the erosion of Democracy in America. She's got a voice and she's determined to use it for good. Each week, she talks with people on the front lines fighting for equality, justice and the American Way. She also has practical calls to action for you and all who care about ending injustices.

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