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17th May 2022

Outspoken. Guest: Dr. Robin Stern. Topic: Gas Lighting - Personal, Political, Racial & Institutional

On this episode, Joy Silver is joined by Dr. Robin Stern, author of The Gaslight Effect: How to Spot and Survive the Hidden Manipulation Others Use to Control Your Life How do you know when gaslighting is happening to you? What are the characteristics of gaslighting ? Who employs this technique and why? Where does this term come from? And, why is it important to recognize at this time? Most importantly, can we stop it from happening? Dr Stern gives us insights on this timely topic, and helps us break it down.

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Community organizer, activist and past-candidate for public office Joy Silver is concerned about the erosion of Democracy in America. She's got a voice and she's determined to use it for good. Each week, she talks with people on the front lines fighting for equality, justice and the American Way. She also has practical calls to action for you and all who care about ending injustices.

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